The Idea

You are a refugee and would like to learn German? We bring you together with people from Freiburg who can become your language buddy!
What is it about?

The language buddies are people from Freiburg who are not professional German teachers but are native speakers and want to share their language with you as well as some cultural background.Here you can find out how

What is a language buddy about?

All language buddies are offered for FREE as people do them on an honorary basis. Every partnership is run for a minimum of four weeks in a row, one or two hours per week. Please make sure you attend on all dates of a partnership that you booked. Usually there are one to six students with one or two teachers. here

Topics and aims

Possible topics are: shopping, singing German songs, cooking, being a mother, seeing a doctor, sights in Freiburg and many more. The language buddy is meant to help you getting started with the German language as well as getting an insight into German every-day life.

(Deutsch) "Werden Sie Sprachpartner!"

(Deutsch) Hier anmelden!

The current situation

Help learning German
„Language is a fundamental constituent of our society“

Accomodation, food, language. Fundamental requirements of life and social participation. About 1.000.000 refugees seeked asylum in Germany in 2015. The majority of people who fled from war and violence lack any knowledge of the German language. This is where our idea originated from: Germans speak German and would love to share their language with you. They can facilitate your start into the new language and thereby into your new, German environment by becoming your German language buddy.

This is us

(Deutsch) Seien auch Sie dabei! Erleichtern Sie Menschen das Einleben in Deutschland, indem Sie ihnen Deutsch beibringen!
… is a trainee teacher and enjoys her spare time outdoors.
… studied music at uni to become a teacher. Other than that he likes to cook.
…studiert Umweltwissenschaften und leidenschaftliche Sonenngrüßerin- auf der Matte wie auch in der Wirklichkeit.
…ist Doktorand in theoretischer Physik. Sonst ist er gerne sportlich unterwegs.
… studies german and theology to become a teacher. In his free time he is joining a theatre club.
… is engaged in theoretical particle physics. During winter he likes doing cross-country ski run.